VIDEO: Mississippi Man Facing Charges For Speeding Towards Black Kids

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Mississippi police arrested a man who posted a video of himself driving towards black kids riding bicycles on the street.

Mark Hall has been charged by Ripley Police with nine counts of simple assault and a single charge for attempting physical menace to create fear, according to

In the video, he is seen in his truck driving while recording himself not slowing down as he approaches several teenagers riding their bikes on road.

Hall is currently held in the Tippah County Jail and felony charges aren’t off the table, Ripley District Attorney Bart Adams confirmed to

One of the teenagers claimed Hall struck his bike as he drove by them.

Locals are pushing for hate crime charges given that all the kids were black.

“A lot of people think a ‘hate crime” is a separate charge. But a hate crime is not a separate charge,” said Adams. “It’s an enhancement to the penalties of what the person is already charged with. We have to let the person know at the time they are being processed or our intention to seek that enhancement, and Mr. Hall has been notified that we are seeking that enhancement. All the parents have copies of the statutes and we’ve explained the process.”




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