‘Watermelon Man’ Sons BLAST Judge for Granting Their Dad’s Killer Bond

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The sons of John Materna, also known as the beloved ‘Watermelon Man,’ slammed the leftist judge who granted their dad’s killer bond.

Judge Jennifer Mitchell refused the District Attorney’s request to raise the low bond of the accused killer Demarion Tackett.

Daniel and Steve Materna spoke to KWAM exclusively Monday after Tackett was released from jail after posting the $100,000 bond.

“How can you let a murderer, someone who’s actually confessed the crime to walk on the streets,” Daniel told KWAM host Ben Deeter. “It’s ridiculous, we don’t know what to say… we don’t have any word hardly.”

The Watermelon Man was gunned down last May while selling the fruit. He died two weeks later.

“Think about if it was your loved one laying there cold, bleeding out on the side of a sidewalk, Steve added. “Act as if that was your family member when you make these decision.” Hear the full conversation with Steve and Daniel below:

Memphis City councilman Chase Carlisle blasted DA Steve Mulroy in a social media statement posted on “X.”

“When is enough, enough. John Materna will never have another day on this planet to be with his family or friends. Somehow, we’ve said it’s okay to murder someone in cold blood and not be remanded. Yes, I’m aware of due process, but Judges look at the preponderance of evidence when setting bail… not innocent until proven guilty. DA should have asked for an unaffordable bail too.”

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