Joey Sulipeck: Prepare for the Next Heat Wave

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Meteorologist Joey Sullipeck joined KWAM to warn about the oncoming heat wave in the Mid-South, which is exasperated by thousands of residents in Shelby County not having power thanks to an onslaught of storms over the weekend.

Sullipeck said the power outages could not have come at a worse time.

“We’re really going into an incredibly dangerous stretch beginning Wednesday,” Sullipeck added.

At its peak, over 100,000 citizens in Shelby County didn’t have power Sunday evening, and MLGW said it will take days for everyone’s power to be restored.

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With little chance of rain over the next few days and heat cranking up to the triple digits, it’s time for Memphians to prep for the oncoming weather. Even if you have power, it’s still important to prepare for your air conditioning unit to not keep up.

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“As temperatures spike, AC units that are already limping along, they will fail,” Sullipeck said.

Listen to the full segment below:

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