Mid-South Boy Scouts Working on Ways to Honor Veterans After Cemetery Ban

by | May 16, 2020 | Coronavirus | 0 comments

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When it was announced that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs banned the Boy Scouts from placing American flags on graves for Memorial Day, their members had to get creative on how to still honor the veterans.

Richard Fisher, Scout Executive and CEO of The Boy Scouts of America spoke with Robin Walensky on “Wake Up Memphis” about how they’re turning a negative situation into a positive solution.

“My first reaction was disappointment, but then moved very quickly from disappointment of what we could not do to optimism about what we could do,” he said.

A part of the Chickasaw Council, Fisher was determined to find other places and ways to help. While enforcing social distancing rules, the West Tennessee Veteran’s Cemetery isn’t banning the members.

Until their flags run out next week, they’ll be placing flags wherever they can.

“Knowing the Scouts, the way that I do, we will find a way to honor those veterans that are in those cemeteries that are locked down right now,” Fisher said.

One of the plans includes a parade in their cars with American flags displayed on Monday. In addition, the Scouts are participating in mobile food pantries and blood drives during the global pandemic. Fisher said none of this would be possible without the almost 2,000 volunteers that they have.

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