“There’s no such thing as government funded!” KWAM Radio Host Chett Hopper blasts government’s virus response

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As many New Yorkers demand to be let out of their quarantine and stand in bread lines, other parts of the country are gradually opening up. Socially and economically, there are various problems the country is facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chett Hopper, a cohost of The Real Resistance podcast, talked on the nationally-syndicated Todd Starnes Radio Show about the local and national issues.

The Real Resistance airs every Saturday afternoon from 1:00-2:00 PM on KWAM The Mighty 990. The goal of their show is to help Memphians stay engaged with local issues, as well as to help them think like a true American rather than a political puppet.

​A true Southerner, Hopper said he doesn’t pay as much attention to party lines as he does to logical thinking.

“I tell people all the time that I’m not a Democrat or Republican,” he said. “I’m a ‘Commonsenseatarian.'”

According to a survey by Forbes, 82 percent of Americans want a monthly stimulus check. The problem is, this would hurt Americans far more than they realize. It would help turn America into a socialist country.

“There’s no such thing as government-funded,” Hopper said. “If it’s Chett-funded, I barely have enough for Chett.”

Many in the silent majority living in the more rural parts of the country are growing more restless as their states are reluctant to open up. Fear is still ruling much of the country, and the mainstream media can be thanked for that.

“If you can wash your hands and clear it up, it’s not going to take everybody out,” Hopper said in defense of opening up the country.

He said that this pandemic is not about public safety anymore.

“It’s not about anything other than political control at this point,” Hopper added.

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