Shelby County Republican Party Leadership Needs to Resign: Brandon Toney

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Conservative political commentator and former state senate candidate Brandon Toney called for the Shelby County Republican Party’s leadership to resign Friday on “Wake Up Memphis” after major election losses for the GOP in Memphis.

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Toney, who was kicked off the ballot for the Tennessee state senate district 31 Republican primary, slammed leadership for “narcissism” and specifically called for chairman Cary Vaughn to step down immediately.

“I want to call for the resignation for all the members of the Shelby County Republican Party,” Toney said.

CATASTROPHIC! Republicans Pummeled in Shelby County Election

“Do the Shelby County Republicans justice and step down today,” he said. “The people don’t like you…They want something new…they want a Trump-like party.”


Toney was co-chairman in the 8th Congressional District for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Republicans lost the county mayor’s race and the district attorney’s race, as well as others down ballot.

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