TN State Rep. Dem. Dwayne Thompson on ‘Wake Up Memphis’

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Incumbent Tennessee State Representative Democrat Dwayne Thompson of District 96 tells ‘Wake Up Memphis’ with Robyn Walensky how his re-election campaign is adapting during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m trying to be careful myself,” he tells ‘Wake Up Memphis.’

Thompson says he is utilizing social media more than ever.

“I’m doing some door-to-door campaigning,” Thompson tells Walensky, but he’s being cautious wearing gloves, a mask and practicing social distancing.

“People seem to appreciate the caution and appreciate seeing me too, ” Thomspon says. “That’s the one thing I’ve always done is trying to be accessible to my constitutes and they can tell me what they think.”

In the Tennessee Democrat landscape, he says he is “more moderate” and “pro-business.”

However, when it comes to reopening his district, Thompson wants to leave it up to the medical experts.

“I am probably a little bit more cautious about reopening,” he says. “We’ve tried this once and the infection rates started rising to record numbers, and I believe that we should be cautious and make sure we have this thing under control before we start opening up all the economy.”

To learn more about Thompson’s reelection campaign, click here.

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