Listen Live to “Wake Up Memphis” With Tim Van Horn: Jan. 22, 2021

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Check out today’s action-packed Friday show:

6:50 am – Jim Crowder of Mid-South Gardening Show

7:50 am – Joe T of Tool Talk and Memphis Comic & Fantasy Radio

8:20 am – Jennifer Kerns from “All American Radio” discusses the new administration

8:50 am – Author Daniel Miller discusses #TEXIT. Check out his book here.

See where Tim is going to test out the ski slopes here.

Check out the new Shelby County Health Directive here.

Check out Bob Hendry’s website that makes it easy to contact your congressman HERE.

Contact the Shelby County Commissioners: (901) 222-1000

Contact the Memphis City Council HERE.

Call in at 901-260-5926 to join the conversation!


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